The March Makeover

Let’s just put it out there. It’s been a long winter in New England and many other places too. I feel like whining about it just like everyone else, but I’m really trying not to!

Mindset Makeover

Believe me, I get it. It’s a grumpy time of year. Most of us have given up on our New Years Resolution(s) and getting up early to get to the gym is starting to get old. Snow is not fun and pretty anymore…it’s just dirty. Cold days are no longer a good excuse to stay inside. Sweaters and winter coats don’t look quite as cute or cozy as they did in October and November.

So, let’s just give up on everything, curl up on the couch and wait for summer. A few more weeks or months won’t make much of a difference anyway, right? We’ll just start over once the sun comes out, okay?

Couch Time in March

…Just kidding!!!!

Let’s make March 2014 different. Starting now – March 6th – let’s make March awesome. No waiting until Monday. No starting over in April. We have over 3 weeks left in March to take on this makeover and put my favorite hashtag lately #smilemorecomplainless into action.

Handstands Smile More Complain Less

If you’re feeling stuck or unmotivated this March when it comes to all of your New Years Resolutions you set, think about why . Stop telling yourself that you’re a failure and you have no willpower. It may just be that whatever goals you set for yourself may not have been appropriate and/or sustainable.

Here’s an example…you decided you’d give up all sugar and starchy foods in order to look smokin’ hot in your bikini this coming summer. That was fun for a few weeks when the scale was dropping several pounds a week and you had a ton of energy. Slowly, the donuts are starting to look more and more irresistible when you’re grabbing your morning coffee. You’re feeling lethargic all the time and you miss homemade cookies. Again, this has nothing to do with you being a failure or your lack of willpower, but it does have everything to do with setting appropriate/sustainable goals and having a positive mindset.

March Mindset Makeover

Let’s use March for a complete mindset makeover. Think about whatever it is that you have been complaining about lately {and don’t tell me nothing…because I don’t believe you} and remove those negative thoughts from your mind. It’s time to stay positive about the weather, our bodies and our overall mindset.

Remember, the sun will come out {maybe not tomorrow} and life is good. Very very good.

Tired of your “diet”? Let it go. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Focus on eating real foods and eating until you are satisfied. Start to really pay attention to your body and how it feels when you eat different foods. If you want some help with this, stay tuned! I’ll be announcing the start of my next online nutrition group in the next week!

Bored with your workouts? Maybe you need to try a new exercise, join a group training class or pay a coach to write you a training program. Think about how nice it would be if someone else told you what to do at the gym every day instead of wasting your precious time trying to come up with a workout that will help you reach your goals without losing your mind. Even though I am a coach, I have my husband write my training programs for me and it takes a whole lot of the stress out of my sessions knowing I can focus on training hard and not coming up with what to do next!

Mindset Makeover - Learn a New Exercise

Need some awesome inspiration to start on your March mindset makeover? Check out this Love Your Body challenge Molly Galbraith is hosting over on her new site this month. Get a fat jar and start showing yourself a little compassion, would ya?

How are you going to makeover your mindset this March? Share in the comments below and we’ll hold each other accountable!

Just for fun….I’ll be posting a mama-related and completely un-fitness-related post next week about Connor’s toddler room (I’ve been meaning to post it forever!).


  1. I LOVE this friend – so true, hitting March, it feels like a long month of blahs, for whatever reason, and it’s a good time to rejuvinate and throw the rule book out the window!! let’s see, I am going to continue my foray into experimenting with foods and textures and flavors, I have been doing more of that lately, like trying things I keep saying I will – making polenta, or trying a different lunch or snack idea and getting out of routine a bit more :)
    Jolene recently posted..Two years ago, I taught my first barre (n9ne) class.

  2. Ow! I’m excited for the room post. Yes- this time of year gets very blah….its even been “cold” down in SC! We have a vacation coming up in May…so I’m letting my bikini drive my clean eating/working out mindset right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

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