Mish Mash Monday

My brain has been busy, and therefore mushy, lately, but I wanted to check in here so today you’re getting a mish mash Monday post with some random things that have been on my mind lately!

First, if you are subscribed to my blog in a reader you probably saw about 5 random posts over the weekend. Something funky happened, not sure if I was hacked or what, but some of my drafts got posted with random half-written posts and crazy links in them. So ya, I deleted them, but if you saw them, please ignore and don’t judge me for anything they said. :-)

Speaking of judging…

I still think parents, and especially moms, are judgmental and sometimes downright rude and unfriendly. When I was pregnant and when I was a new mom I thought I would just take Connor to playgrounds or join some activity and I’d be friends with all the moms. News flash: it doesn’t work that way. CJ and I were at the park yesterday morning and it was gorgeous out so we were both happy. He was chatting with the kids and I tried to make conversation with a few of the adults and all three were pretty rude/standoffish. Why?????

Making good mom friends who support you as a mom and woman can be really hard. Like most things that are hard, it’s worth it so do it anyway. Girlfriends are awesome.

Mom Friends Are Awesome

Speaking of awesome…

I just love Target. You know you do too. I’m not a huge fan of shopping these days, especially with an almost three-year-old in tow, so when I can go to one place and check a million things off my list I’m a happy girl and Connor is usually a happy guy because I don’t have to drag him to 3 different places when he has, as any toddler should, limited patience.

Speaking of patience…

Patience is a weird thing. Wanna test yours? Have a kid. Wait until he or she is almost 3, is potty training, and starts giving up his/her nap time.ย When adults are tired we tend to be grumpy, sensitive, hungry and maybe even a little crazy. Guess what? It’s the same {maybe worse} for kids. I’ve been thinking a lot about this as it relates to nutrition for adults. When we are tired, we make crap ย food choices.

Toddler on the swing

Speaking of nutrition…

I just finished up a 12 week nutrition group with some of our clients. I haven’t finished final measurements for everyone yet, but I took final numbers for three of the guys in the group last week. They all kicked butt and learned that nutrition really doesn’t have to be all or nothing. There were nine people in the group, but just these three guys alone lost a total of 40 pounds. (And 12 inches just off their waists!) I seriously love my job and can’t wait to start the next 12 week nutrition program in a week!

Speaking of looking good…

I look good. KIDDING!!! But…I am happy with my haircut. I got bangs again and bangs make me look a lot younger. I like looking younger. Funny how when you’re young you want to look old and when you’re old you want to look young. Oh life, you’re funny. (And the reason I’m holding my hair up is because it hasn’t been washed in two days, but I wanted to show ya the bangs.)

Look Younger

Speaking of staying young…

Date nights are really necessary. I don’t care how busy you are, figure out a way to make them happen. It’s worth it! My mother said I looked happy and rested when I went to pick up my son Saturday, after a date night with my husband on Friday. That says a lot considering we were out late and usually I look like I got hit by a bus the next day when I stay out late! Amazing what sleeping in and resting can do for your well-being.

Speaking of rest…

Deload weeks continue to earn more and more love from me. I took another one for most of last week before I started my next strength training cycle. It’s fun to mix it up for a week and I seriously always feel so excited to start lifting again.

Deload Weeks Between Strength Cycles

Speaking of training…

My husband writes my programs (and most of the programs for our adult group training classes at Skill of Strength too). I know I’m biased, but he’s a smart dude.

During the last 12 weeks I told him I wanted to train like the fighters and he had me doing some awesome conditioning workouts. If you’re tired of the same old thing and don’t want to look at another treadmill or elliptical, check out his ebook for a great conditioning program (similar to what he uses for fighters) for just $3.99. It’s an awesome six-week conditioning program and all you need is a stationary bike (preferably an Airdyne), battling ropes and a kettlebell. You should already know how to swing a kettlebell if you are going to try this program as it’s definitely advanced. Check out his brand new MMA Fight Prep website we just launched and find MMA Fight Prep on Facebook. Side note: Our date night was actually to dinner and then to see a few of his clients fight. They both kicked ars.

MMA Fight Prep at SOS

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for today. I love all the coffee talk and wine talk posts that people do so this was kind of my version. I’m telling you…I’m all over the place lately. This would have been a conversation going on in my head all right in a row. I am a spaz.

Make it a great Monday, would ya?ย I’ll be back with some more nutrition and fitness chatter soon.


  1. I think it becomes easier to befriend other moms when your kids befriend each other too! Then you have something to talk about.
    Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy recently posted..Quest Bar Giveaway and Birthday Wishes

    • I totally agree!!! I love love love my mom friends…I was only referring to strangers. :-) Funny though because a few days after I posted that I got chatting with a super nice mom at the playground. HAHA

  2. I SO agree with you on the mom thing. I thought it would easier to make friends once I had kids. Not to say that all women are judgy, but it’s really been eye opening! I, sadly, learned that will all thing you can’t please everyone and not everyone wants or needs to be your friend. Thankfully, though I DO have some really AWESOME mom friends in my life :)

    I loooove the bangs! They make me look younger as well.

    I wished I lived close – I would come work out with you :)
    Michelle recently posted..Why I’m Running for RMHC

  3. Cute bangs! I love them on you! Date nights ARE totally needed. I am glad you had a good time and didn’t look like you got hit by a bus ๐Ÿ˜‰ and YAY for positive results for clients in your nutrition program, that sounds awesome and is so rewarding when it just works, isn’t it?!
    Jolene recently posted..On life and musings in bullets.

  4. I saw the posts but figured something odd had happened! Love this post. I think it must depend on where you live in terms of how Moms treat one another. When we go to the playgrounds- everyones pretty chatty down here! Testing patience- um yes ! Potty training is such a blast ;).

    • Yah I don’t know what happened…I decided not to stress about it and just delete them and move on. :-)

      The south is a little more easy going. The people are A LOT nicer. I remember when I went to school in Baltimore I was so confused because people would randomly say hi to me when I was out for a run. That did NOT happen at home. haha
      Amanda Perry recently posted..Mish Mash Monday

  5. I got bangs back in January. Love them! You look great!

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