Stop Trying and Start Doing

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Anywho…let’s get to the point because I’ve got an amazing offer to share with you today if you’re ready to stop trying to get in shape and start doing it.

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My guess is many of you have proclaimed at some point lately that you are trying to get in shape, you’re trying to lose weight or you’re trying to eat “better.” Yes? No?

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you have already heard me go on and on about how much I hate fat talk. Frankly, the more you tell yourself you are fat, the more you believe you are fat and honestly you probably will become fat.

Without believing in yourself and believing that you are a fit woman, you are unlikely to become one.

I know what you’re thinking…yah, yah, enough Amanda. I’m so tired of this conversation! I’m trying to remove the fat talk from my vocabulary, okay?

Okay, so let’s talk about something else. You’re using the word “try” way too often too. How do I know? Because we all overuse this other three-letter word, especially us women.

I find that I use the word try a lot when it comes to business-related things. As a business owner I often attempt to be a jack of all trades. I get overwhelmed with projects or things I want to get done so I’ll say, I’m gonna try to write a blog, I’m gonna try to write a newsletter, I’m gonna try to write my client’s program for next week, and I’m gonna try to get payroll done before I go pick up Connor. Wouldn’t it be a lot more effective if I just wrote a blog and got payroll done instead of trying to do a million things? I’d say so.

I run online nutrition groups and one of the first things we do is talk about goals and write mission statements. I’d guess more than 50% of my female clients utilize the word try (and usually more than once) in their goals and/or mission statements.

Check out some of these goals from my clients.

  • I’d like to try to get to three SOS classes a week.
  • I’ll try to reach my protein intake every day.
  • I’ll try to drink three liters of water every day.

Good ideas…but how can they be better?

Stop trying and start doing!

The problem is, client A could try to get to three classes this week, but work could get in the way on Monday and Tuesday, she could sleep through her alarm Wednesday morning and her husband could convince her to go out to dinner instead of to the gym on Thursday night. Then she could completely miss her protein goal because the chicken she bought at the store is spoiled by the time she goes to cook it. Sigh…oh well she tried, right?

When you say you’re gonna try to do something, you’re giving yourself an out before you even start. This way you can just say “hey, I tried” and move on without feeling too bad. I realize this is not a new concept. Even this non-Star-Wars-person knows Yoda brought this up a long time ago…yet it’s still something us ladies have yet to fully grasp.

Just like all the preaching I do about fat talk and how you need to remove the language from your vocabulary before you succeed, you also need to stop telling yourself you’ll try to accomplish your goals. Instead, start telling yourself you WILL accomplish your goals.

Love Yourself

One hint: I find that when clients are using the word try in their mission statements, it’s because their goals are unrealistic based on their current life situation or the change is simply just too overwhelming.

Here’s the scoop…

  • I’d rather see you make it to the gym twice during the week than try to make it three times, but only really show up once.
  • I’d rather see you drink two liters of water 90% of the time instead of drinking three liters of water every Monday and Tuesday, but only one each day for the rest of the week because you got tired of spending too much time in the bathroom.
  • I’d rather see you add some form of protein to 90% of the meals you eat instead of having you shoot for a specific number of grams of protein each day, but fail because you get frustrated that you’re not getting there.

The small change you actually make is a lot more effective than the huge change that overwhelms you and results in failure.

Heard enough? Are you ready to stop trying to get in shape? Are you ready to stop trying to find something that will work for you? Are you ready to stop making excuses and start doing things that will help you achieve your fitness goals?

Check out this amazing new resource by my friends Molly Galbraith and Ali McKee from Girls Gone Strong. These two gals have been working their butts off, putting together an incredibly comprehensive strength training system specifically for women.

I am not kidding when I say this will help you stop trying to get in shape and start actually doing it.

There is so much crap information out there when it comes to fitness and nutrition. You see things online or in your Facebook feed and tell yourself you’re going to use it, go there, do this, try that…etc. You’re confused and keep saying you’re gonna try to find something that works to whip you into shape, but instead you’re ending up right back at square one. Trying…

The Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training includes strength workouts, conditioning workouts, nutrition guidance, how-to videos, a progress tracker and more! These girls thought of everything…including a checklist so you know exactly where to start and what to do first. (No more being so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start!)

It’s time to stop the excuses. It’s time to stop trying to get strong and healthy and start doing it.


 People who say it can not be done should not interrupt those who are getting it done.

– George Bernard Shaw

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  1. Hope you get all the issues resolved with the site!! I agree- we use try way too much – lets DO more!

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