A Workout Date

If you read some other blogs, you’ve probably seen posts titled things like coffee talk or wine talk. I actually did one a few months back (Wine Talk Wednesday) where I told you what was on my mind, as if we were having a glass of wine together. I find some of the best friend-dates are walking dates or workout dates…so this week, let’s pretend we’re getting in a workout together! Friends who sweat together, stay together. That’s what they say, right??


Don’t worry…I still REALLY enjoy wine and coffee too. I haven’t completely lost my mind!

If we were training together today, I’d tell you I’m frustrated with my shoulder injury, but more importantly I’d tell you that I’m learning a lot during this time. Not only am I learning about training while injured, but I’m also learning a bit about patience and how much I rely on training to de-stress. Then I’d tell you that there’s still plenty I can do and let you know that I’m trying my best to recover, train around the injury and do the best I can!

We’d probably do something like this together…

Countdown Workout

I’d tell you that my brain is spinning with things I want to get done for the gym before fall. It’s kind of like our new year in this industry so we like to take advantage of the folks looking to get started again and show them that we are the best gym around! :)

I’d tell you that we took Connor to a Spinner’s Baseball game this past weekend and he had his first snocone. It was a hit!


I’d tell you that I’m really looking forward to taking a few days off at the end of the summer. I love my job and my schedule, but I still need vacation and decompression time.

If we were training together today I’d tell you that I booked a trip to The Women’s Fitness Summit. I’m going with my friend Stacey Schaedler and I’m finally gonna meet my friend Jen Keck in real life. I can’t wait! So excited! If you’re going or thinking about going let know!

Working Out with Friends

If we were getting our sweat on together we’d probably definitely talk about food. I’d tell you about my ridiculous obsession with overnight oats. I mean you guys, I want to eat them all the time. I’d also tell you about this awesome new granola I found at Target. Ummmm it’s REAL GOOD. Oh and about the plaintain chips at Trader Joes. Crack, I tell ya.

If we were training together I’d ask you about your training goals and your kids. We would probably talk about how some of my most consistent group training clients are young moms. They don’t want to miss out on their “me” time so they might as well get their booty to the gym, right? Plus…adult interaction? Yah, that.

Friends Who Sweat Together

If we were working out together today, what is one thing you’d tell me about what’s been going on with you lately?

Any good food finds lately?


  1. love this idea! i’ve seen (and done) the coffee date posts, but how fun is this with working out. i might need to borrow it. the plantain chips from Tj’s – love. i could eat the whole bag! and i’ve seriously been debating the women’s fitness summit. i need to figure it out soon!

  2. Exciting stuff! I agree- workout dates with friends are the best. Since becoming a mom, they seem a necessity to me!! Love that he had his first snow cone. I’d probably just tell you that I need a nap haha

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