Pregnancy Workouts

Working out during pregnancy can help women to avoid a lot of common pregnancy symptoms. During my pregnancy I had very few backaches. I did not experienced swelling in my hands and feet. My blood pressure was fantastic. My weight gain was within the normal range. My energy levels were good for the most part and my labor and delivery were relatively straight forward.

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5 Most Common Health/Fitness Questions from Expectant and New Moms

I have been fortunate enough to get to know the wonderful ladies over at Boston Baby Nurses! Carole Arsenault is president and founder of Boston Baby Nurses, an agency that provides lactation and postpartum services to women and babies. Carole’s team…… More

39 Weeks Pregnancy Workout Video

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!! Still no baby yet and I have been a feeling a combination of awesome and terrible all weekend. Hopefully that means it’s almost time. We had a great weekend (was it my last…… More

Sweaty Momma-To-Be

Amazingly, I had a great workout this past Sunday. I have mentioned before that during pregnancy, and especially towards the end of my third trimester, I have had some days where I feel a lot more energetic than others. Last…… More

End of Third Trimester Workout Thoughts

It’s been almost a month since I posted about the different changes I’ve made during each trimester to my workout routines. As I’m now in the last stretch (just over 3 weeks left until my due date), I wanted to share…… More

Double Kettlebell Complexes and
Renegade Rows – Videos

I wanted to share a few workout videos I made this past weekend. I was 35.5 weeks pregnant….almost 36 now! Getting so close! My workouts have been going okay. Third trimester is definitely a bit tiring, but not too bad.…… More

Kettlebell Deadlifts

Hope everyone had a great weekend and those of you who celebrate had a wonderful Easter! Here’s a quick video from this past Friday morning. I was 34 weeks and 1 day at the time…now inching up on 35 weeks.…… More

Video: Kettlebell Snatches
During Third Trimester Pregnancy

I’m currently 33.5 weeks pregnant and we filmed this video yesterday. I definitely need some work on my kettlebell snatch form, but wanted to show that snatches are possible (and awesome in my opinion) during late pregnancy. I actually have…… More

Exercise Changes During Each
Trimester of Pregnancy

If you missed last week’s post about exercising during pregnancy, check that out first. As promised, I’m expanding below about what I personally changed during each trimester to keep working out pain-free and without hurting myself or my baby. Again,…… More

Exercise During Pregnancy – Arguments

To state the obvious…there is a lot of controversy around exercising during pregnancy. Should you work out? Should you run? Should you watch your heart rate? Should you refrain from starting anything new? I was happy when this link popped…… More

Third Trimester Pregnancy Training – Part 1

I’ve Pink month. Creme really great the received buy set kamagra online pharmacy uk paypal a to it with non prescription tetracycline seem do actually routine shine and that, haven’t get concealer is overwhelming ,…… More

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