Precision Nutrition

The Anniversary I *Almost* Forgot

So I was talking to a great friend, Jolene, the other day and she asked how long it’s been since I started training/being a gym owner full-time now. As an unrelated side note, we went to lunch at Life Alive…… More

Fit People Aren’t Always Motivated Either

I forgot to mention last week that I took my re-certification test for Precision Nutrition and I passed! YAY! (I originally got certified as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach two years ago.) I also spent a bunch of time…… More

Tidbits From Successful Clients

The other day I was reading through some emails from clients (members of our MOVE. adult group training program at Skill of Strength and currently enrolled in a nutrition group I am running). In between chuckles from silly comments, I came…… More

How Often Do You Eat?

I mentioned that we had some fellow members of the RKC community in town this past weekend for the HKC. We got to chatting about nutrition and each of our different daily habits. One of our friends does the Warrior…… More

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